As the situation progresses we will be updating our response and operating procedures on this page and through direct emails to our members.

Masks, Social Distancing, & Hand Sanitizer

Masks are encouraged and provided for people who wish to use them.

Markers have been placed throughout the building at 6-foot intervals to encourage social distancing.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available through the build and while supplies last we are distributing individual spray hand sanitizers for members.

The bathrooms are available for those who prefer to use water and soap over hand sanitizer.

Cleaning Protocols & High Touch Areas

In addition to our regular cleanings, high touch areas such as door handles and rails are being disinfected multiple times a day.

Where possible we have blocked off items that are difficult to sanitize properly such as couches and other upholstered furniture.

The kitchen has been closed because of its high touch nature. Individual snacks, bottled coffee, and drinks have been provided in place of our usual offerings.  The refrigerator is still available for member use but food must be kept in a sealed container.