Picking the right social media

Whether your business has an official brand, or you’re an individual entrepreneur whose social sites are your own, you’re probably spending a lot more time on social media these days.

Yes, there’s distracting cat videos, celebrity free concerts, and sadly, far too many Corona memes.  

But now more than ever it’s crucial to stay in touch with your audiences on social media. Even though we’re staying home, many of us are challenged with working from home while caring for our families. Time spent on building your content on a platform needs to be effective. How do you choose the best platform or platforms for your content so you are not wasting time on ineffective platforms?  Ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Who is your key audience and what platforms are they on?
  2. What platform are you comfortable using? Are you willing to add to your current platforms or learn the best way to engage?
  3. Which platform can help you achieve your goals?

To help you make your decision, it’s good to know some basic statistics about the Fab Five: Facebook, Youtube. Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. Here’s an infogram to break down the basics.

By Michele Koch