Choosing Local Over a Big Chain Like WeWork

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Choosing Local over WeWork

When it comes to working in a shared space, everyone has heard of WeWork, but have you considered a local space? Small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs like a place they can work that isn’t their home or the local Starbucks.  Sure, there’s snacks, high speed WIFI, conference rooms, collaborating, and networking opportunities, but there’s so much more than what a large chain space, like WeWork, doesn’t offer.

Local Experts

Take Key Coworking. We pride ourselves in knowing San Antonio. Founder and owner, Karla Garza is a Trinity University Alum and cut her teeth at Launch SA helping hundreds of San Antonio small businesses get a leg up. She knows the city and is well connected to business leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs.  Key Coworking’s Community Manager, Michele Koch, a 40-year resident of San Antonio, UTSA alum, and TEDxSanAntonio organizer, knows the community and how to connect Key Coworking members to the right people and businesses.  

On the flip side, a large chain like WeWork, aside from having higher prices for space, is unlikely to have the same sense of community like a locally-grown coworking space.


Another great advantage of a local coworking space is flexibility. Local coworking owners can negotiate pricing. For example, Key Coworking works closely with our members and offers a variety of packages that fit their business needs.   We are even willing to create a custom package for your unique needs.


Local coworking owners and staff get to know their members.  Unlike WeWork that can seem impersonal, Key Coworking has a good relationship with our members.  We know what their business goals are, what they like to do in their time off, and our staff desk is in the common area with the coworkers and are able to make personal connections with them. 

Support Local

Finally, by choosing a local coworking space, you’re supporting your community and keeping your dollars in the city. For instance, when Key Coworking needed a landscaper, we chose a local expert. When we needed handyman work, again, we chose an independent from San Antonio not a large franchised company.

So, the next time you’re in the market to get out of your personal space and into some shared space, choose local. Choose Key Coworking. We’ve got your back.

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