Is Coworking replacing the office?

How to know what is best for you

Over the past year and a half we have seen a major shift in how workplaces operate. Although many have gone back to work or are planning to. Some

are still those who are choosing to keep working from home in this (almost) post-pandemic world. There are pros and cons to both situations, but there may be a solution somewhere in the middle. 

Coworking is becoming more popular every year, and since the pandemic it’s popularity has skyrocketed. More people than ever before now have a choice for how, when, and where they want to work. If you are trying to decide whether to go back into the office or to stay home, coworking might be the right choice for you. 

Too Many Distractions?

We all think it’s cute when someone’s cat interrupts a particularly boring zoom meeting, but the person having to deal with these distractions might be sick of it. Some of us like to go to the office just to get out of the house and focus on our work. 

When you are in a coworking space you can find yourself in a middle ground. You don’t have to abide by your company dress code. You also don’t have to worry about kids barging in and you can work with other people without having to be micromanaged. In coworking spaces, there are opportunities to socialize and get work done without feeling the pressures of home or the office. For those who frequent the coffee shops in search of some alone time, you know that whether or not you will be able to find a good seat next to an outlet depends on the day. When in most coworking spaces, it is spaced out enough for everyone to have room to do their work. It is also an environment that is geared towards work, rather than a rowdy coffee shop. Also, most coworking spaces offer free coffee, which is the best part. 

Feeling Unmotivated?

Have you been feeling unmotivated to get your work done at home? Most of the world has. For those that are not used to working from home, it can be hard to get into the work mindspace while sitting on your comfy couch and staring at a pile of laundry that needs to be done. People go to offices not just for the act of working itself, but for the environment and community that surrounds them. 

Many are able to find new community and networking opportunities in coworking spaces. Many coworking spaces host events that are geared towards networking and community building. Motivation doesn’t just come from within, but it is also about the people that surround you and the environment you put yourself in. This is why we have beautifully decorated offices and motivational posters at gyms. When you are in a space that prioritizes community, motivation, and success, then those things will come. 

Will it have everything I need?

One of the hardest things about being at home and away from the office is just trying to find the stapler or get that old printer to work again. Most coworking places offer a variety of services and can accommodate all kinds of professionals. Most coworking spaces can offer printing, projectors, document shredders, and all of the office tools that you would expect. If you need any accommodations, you can ask your coworking space and they can usually accommodate. Luckily we live in a day where most of our work lives on our computer, so we can work from anywhere. However, it is nice to have these services offered to you when you might need them. 

For the small business

Maybe you run your own business, and during the pandemic you had to close down the brick and mortar location you ran it out of. This is a sad reality for many small businesses owners. Office space is extremely expensive, especially for someone trying to get off the ground. If you don’t have it in the budget to lease an expensive office for another year, then coworking is your best option. 

You and your team can work in a coworking space for a fraction of the price of leasing an office. And for those of you that need to keep a dedicated space, coworking places are now offering dedicated desks in shared spaces and offices. If you and a team need desks, you can get dedicated desks together, or you can get a small office for yourself if you feel the need to. With these spaces comes a business address and a professional place to take meetings and connect with clients. At this point, there isn’t really a need to look outside of coworking for office space unless you need a storefront.

“But what about my meetings?”

Okay, maybe you are wanting to work from home or consider a coworking space, but what about when you have clients over or need to have a meeting? Coworking spaces are meant to be a place where business is conducted, and with that they usually have space specifically for taking meetings and boardrooms for booking. 

Does coworking sound like the right fit for you? If you are in the San Antonio area, come and take a tour of Key Coworking. We are a coworking space that offers all of the above in addition to two conference room hours a month for our coworkers, private offices and dedicated desks for lease. Key Coworking also has a quiet room, and a reception area to greet clients and guests. We also have free coffee, tea, and wifi. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at You can also schedule a tour, check out the office, and see pricing on 

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