Why You Should Be More Consistent On Social Media

Have you ever gone through the accounts you follow on Instagram or Twitter and not even recognise some of them? You look at one of the accounts and see their last post was a few months ago. It’s from a company you may have used once, but since they don’t post much of anything anymore you figure they went out of business. 

Unfortunately, good businesses with bad social media presence get unfollowed every day. This can be due to a number of reasons. But as the example above shows, not keeping up with your social media can be one of the biggest issues. 

We entered into the digital age a while ago, and there is no going back to the old days. So having social media know-how is essential to building your business and maintaining the customers that you already have. 

Everytime that you post to your business social media accounts, you are advertising yourself for free. There is no beating free advertising. However, there are some guidelines to social media marketing that must be followed to make sure your business is making a good impression. 

Creating Content for Social Media

“Content” refers to anything that you are posting to your social media channels. The content that you put out onto these accounts should reflect your business values and present your company in a good light. Have these posts ready to go before you post them. This allows you to allow for time to proofread and to avoid less thought out statements. Add these posts to a content calendar with the dates and times of the posts so that you can keep track of what was said when. 

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar keeps track of what content you have/are going to post and when they need to be posted. This is the biggest step towards maintaining social media relevance. Consistency is key. Do you have to post everyday? No, but you should be posting at least once a week to each channel and be consistent with that schedule. If you are never posting, then the algorithms aren’t going to bend over backwards to boost you up in search results or in people’s feeds. 

What you’re losing 

When we are interested in a service the first thing that we do is get online. We post an ask for recommendations, or do a google search, or check a tag on twitter. When you aren’t making your business known online, that means that you’re losing out on a lot of business to your more internet savvy competitors. The more you post, the more people will click. Clicks or “impressions” are valuable in the online world because it helps the algorithm to know who you are and who is interested in your business. When they know who you are and who is interested in you,  they are more likely to push posts and search results towards your business. 

If you’ve been slacking on your social media presence, then take this as a sign to start working at it right now. Anyone can do it with a few helpful tools. 

Canva: create any kind of amazing looking post or graphic with ease 

Pixlr: Free Photo editor online graphic design: basically photoshop for freehttps://www.adobe.com/express/ Adobe Spark: a Canva-like tool from Adobe.

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